I planted a few sprigs a couple years ago that were guaranteed to turn into amazing little cherry trees!  Incredibly they did turn into great cherry bushes producing a ton of cherries.  We had never had cherries from these bushes so it was fun to discover what they produced which were small little sour cherries.  My 8 year old son Alex helped with all the picking and was quite proud! We tried all different cherry pitters and found that the our Cherry/Olive pitter was by far the best.  It worked so well because of its silicone sleeve that allows it to catch even the smaller cherries and pit them.  Whereas the others we tried would allow the whole cherry to be pushed through without pitting it.  I got rather fast at popping in the cherries, pitting it, and then popping the pitted cherry back out.  It's quite a challenge of course.  And then I just had to find something to do with the cherries and what better thing than to make a cherry pie which I enjoyed with ice cream for breakfast--yeah, don't tell me kids about that part of it! 





Jenny said:

Wow, Alex can really pick ‘em! That’s a whole lot of cherries!

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