Brown Bag It In Style!

If lunch bags had been this cute (and practical!) back in my day I probably would've begged my parents to buy me one for each day of the week! But don't worry, these days there are stylin' ones that are more than appropriate for adults too. Not to mention some amazing reusable lightweight stainless steel containers that fit right inside of these fantastic lunch bags. Oh and need I say that Ladles & Linens has them all? 

For your younger crew, we carry ORE Sugarbooger food containers, lunch bags and classic tin lunch boxes. These are the most adorable products you have ever seen! Your kids will be the hit at the lunch table with any of these cute designs. 

PackIt!  The first freezable bag that actively cools foods without the use of ice or freezer packs. Each PackIt Lunch Bag has a patented gel permanently incorporated into its lining so the entire bag freezes to put a chill on contents for up to an amazing 10 hours! While other bags merely insulate, a frozen PackIt actually creates cold, eliminating the need for melting ice or bulky gel packs. No more remembering to put the gel packs in the freezer, just put the whole PackIt in!

Stainless steel food containers are lighter than glass and less susceptible to lingering smells than plastic. They come in a variety of sizes so you can mix and match and choose the best options for your lunch lifestyle!



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Shirley Schwartz

Shirley Schwartz said:

I am looking for tablecloths made in France that are vinyl coated. Do you carry this item?

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