The days are getting shorter, cooler, and our gardens are starting to slow down on the greens but now comes the bounty of Fall.  We are fortunate that our very own Suzanne Mayerchak (District Manager of Walkabout Outfitter) uses Tina and Kirk Miller's (owners of both Walkabout and Ladles and Linens) home grown pumpkins to make her special pumpkin bread each year as gifts to friends and family. 



This year, I sat down with her to get the scoop on how she preps the fresh pumpkin because so many people think it’s too hard and they just open up a can. As you will see this is easy and it's so much better for you.  Tina and Kirk had a bumper crop of pumpkins this year so the prep started early for Suz. We thought you’d like to know how she does it so we asked her to document her process for us. 



First, she cleans each pumpkin, slices down the center and cleans out the seeds and pulp making sure to save the seeds for roasting later. 



Then she takes a USA Pan brand baking sheet, (because they are the best! Click HERE to purchase) and places the two sides of the pumpkin face down on the sheet.  She bakes them slowly at 350 degrees for about an hour up to an hour and a half until soft to touch. When they are done she scoops out the cooked pumpkin and places it in her food processor.



Next she puree’s the cooked pumpkin into a nice smooth consistency and then divides the pumpkin into pre-measured amounts and puts it into zip lock bags and then into the freezer.  Now when she is ready to make her famous bread she just thaws out her fresh pumpkin puree and adds it to her secret bread recipe!

Stay tuned for the secret recipe! :)


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