Mid-Century Christmas Fun!

With the holidays approaching, I can’t help but revisit my love of vintage recipes. Well, to be more specific, my love of the accompanying pictures, especially those in mid-century cookbooks. Why mid-century? I think it has something to do with the fact that the pictures are so terrible and yet are presented with such artistry. I can’t explain it but I love them and therefore feel compelled to share. I sincerely hope you enjoy and appreciate them as much as I do!      

Let's start with one of my favorites because who doesn't want a scary elf staring them down while they eat a tuna salad Christmas tree!


Hmmm... maybe not the best idea.


Looks like someone got that stuffed squirrel they asked Santa for! (look just beyond the peppermint stick whipped dessert cocktails...)


Unidentified objects sticking out of the yellow cake?/jello mold?/pudding? in the lower right hand corner. Any guesses?


That ham actually looks pretty good! The jello mold, not so much...


you had me at "trio of meats"...





December 16, 2014 by Jenny Devine