Pizza Stone - 13" with rack

$ 14.95

Brand Harold

HIC's Pizza Stone for baking perfectly crisp pizza, flatbread, sourdough and scones, or reheating leftover pizza without soggy, doughy, or burnt spots!

Made from natural, food-safe ceramic stoneware; heat resistant to 480-degrees Fahrenheit; contoured rack safely transports hot stone to serve pizza!

Absorbs moisture to eliminate soggy crust; distributes heat evenly for uniform browning; prevents hot spots to keep dough from burning; keeps food hot!

Place stone in cold oven and preheat them together; carefully sprinkle hot stone with cornmeal and add the formed pizza; bake according to directions!

Safe for gas, electric, convection, microwave oven, and on the grill; scrape away food bits, rinse in warm water, no soap, air dry, store in cool oven!