Bee's Wrap Single Roll XXL

$ 29.95

Ever wanted MORE of the best selling Bee's Wrap sheets?  Now you can have it!  They just introduce the 14" x 52" XXL Roll in the Classic Honeycomb pattern!  Grab your scissors and create your own sizes!

Sustainable food storage, made in Vermont since 2012!  Natural alternative to plastic wrap or baggies.  Made by coating organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, these sheets were designed to cover bowls, wrap cheese and fruit, or form pouches for sandwiches.  Simply wipe clean with cool soapy water and lay flat to dry, then reuse!  Each sheet will last about 12 months of frequent use.  Afterwards, they can be cut up and composted.   

Also available in Magic Meadow Vegan Roll in stores only.

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