Beekman 1802 Pure Unscented Collection

$ 12.95

We brought in this collection for Ladles & Linens customers who have sensitivities to fragrance and chemicals, and they have loved it!  Key Ingredients:  Goat Milk.   NEW!  Holiday Pure Gift Sets available in the Lexington store!   

"This PURE collection was our very first creation for Beekman 1802 and it immediately attained almost cult status.  It's completely unscented and made with the purest ingredients, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin."

The Farm to Skin Difference - Goat Milk Goodness with Revitalizing Benefits - Our soaps and skin care products are designed on a farm, not in a lab.  Many incorporate fresh goat milk and can be used on the most sensitive of skin.  Goat milk is a key ingredient in all of our B.1802 products which leaves skin clean, nourished, and well moisturized. Supports Healthy Skin * Gentle for the Skin * Soothes, Hydrates & Brightens Skin