Calicutts Spice Co. - Mexican Adobo

$ 9.95

Brand Calicutts

Adobo is a Latin American inspired blend of bold and savory spices. Our interpretation is built around toasted Napa Valley Garlic and Onion, combined with hand-harvested Sea Salt, and supported by the earthiness of Cumin and Mexican Oregano. A purposeful Mexican flair is added with the inclusion of Ancho Chiles sourced from Guanajuato, Mexico, contributing gentle notes of heat. A final flavor layer of Orange Peel adds a sweet floral aroma and vibrant citrus kick. We recommend using this blend on meats as a dry rub, in a marinade application, or to transform a bland vegetable dish. Our absolute favorite application for this Adobo is to season any type of whitefish.

Made in USA, 2.5oz