Creekside Mallow Company Marshamllows

$ 12.95

Comes in a variety of flavors!  Made in the USA.  Woman Owned, handmade & small batch.

"Creekside Mallow was born from a backyard campfire and sleepover when our daughter, Grace, had a light bulb moment and rushed into the house and yelled, “We should open a gourmet s’mores store!” We didn’t act immediately but the idea stayed in our minds, prompting conversations about how the store would have to revolve around an exceptional marshmallow. Our search came up empty in looking for a source for better than average mallow. We began to research and experiment with recipes until they came up with the perfect hand-crafted mallow. Our experiments lead to testing, and family and friends became our “focus group”. -Creekside Mallow Founder