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Rotary Food Mill

$ 24.95

Brand RSVP

With food processors, blenders, stick blenders, and sieves already a part of the modern kitchen, you might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a food mill?”

The short answer, we believe, is YES! And we’re not alone!

The rotary food mill is one of those classic kitchen tools that everyone should have in their cupboard. From baby food, to applesauce, to tomato sauce, to fluffy mashed potatoes and berry juice for jams, a rotary food mill serves multiple functions for the purpose of breaking up food to extract the good bits you want to use for cooking. No two process steps here where you blend and then sieve…nope, just run your food through the mill and it does it all in one go!

In a test against many others, The RSVP Rotary Food Mill was ranked #1 by Cook's Illustrated! According to them:  “We liked our winner, the RSVP Classic Rotary Food Mill, for its lightweight, comfortable handles; fast and efficient processing; and stable, three-legged design. And at just $24.95, it’s priced to serve both high-volume home canners and more occasional users.”