Brunch, but make it spooky!

There's just something about women and brunching. It's not often you see a group of men toasting mimosas and sharing a side waffle. But women? We are out en masse Saturday and Sunday mornings, keeping the business alive.

And once you get to be my age, you usually accumulate a little brunch group. Perhaps it's my penchant for carb-loading early in the day, but I am a member of not one, but two brunch groups!

a coven gathering

This year, I decided to throw a Halloween brunch. But for which group? Both. I had the Bad Brunch B****es over on Saturday, and The Over Easies on Sunday. I could barely close my refrigerator the night before!

Halloween brunch menu

I've pulled out a few of my classics for this meal. I've previously shared my recipe for saffron shrimp and grits - and to me it was the standout dish.

The shocker on the table was certainly my bowl of lychee eyeballs, which I have also written about in a previous post. I love that my friends were nervous to sample it, then ended up eating multiple! Use the leftover canned lychee syrup to liven up your pitcher of mimosas!

Halloween brunch

Full menu:

      • Pumpkin spice pancakes
      • Saffron Shrimp and grits
      • Pumpkin-shaped cheese ball with crackers
      • Scrambled eggs
      • Lychee eyeballs
      • Strawberry walnut salad
      • Lychee orange mimosas
      • Coffee bar

    spooky Halloween table setting

    Halloween brunch decor

    I made the display spooky with finger bowls (with floating fingers in the water), and a candelabra made from baby extremities (I go hard). My house is already ridiculously decked out in front, where my zombie baby collection has earned my house the moniker "Demented Day Care" by Bellevue residents. Inside, it a more cozy Halloween vibe, with orange lights, the fireplace going, pumpkins, etc. 

    lychee eyeballs

    Keeping brunch cozy

    Set up a coffee station, with a few options for sweeteners and creamers. I used vintage silver to hold sugar cubes and cream. If you are ever hesitant about pulling out the good stuff, now is the time you must use it. A coffee bar keeps guests busy while you bring dishes to the table. Anything egg-related should be made last, so I am always stirring eggs as the grand finale. 

    Light some candles, and/or a fireplace. Fire is an important element for coziness - especially in the cooler months.

    accidentally wes anderson

    Have a nice playlist going, and make sure it sets the mood. Play it low enough so that people can carry on a conversation, but high enough so that it creates the atmosphere you are going for.

    Halloween mantle

    No matter what you serve, be sure to include something sweet. Breakfast has myriad options for sweetness, and it is usually expected. For this meal, I made stacks of homemade pumpkin spice pancakes. 

    Girl in bat headband celebrating Halloween

    All in all, it was a delightful weekend with friends. And on Sunday, as the rain crept in, I finally retired from the kitchen and snuck in an afternoon nap. 

    Have a very happy Halloween!

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