Celebrate spring with a classic garden party

Spring is finally here! As we shake off this winter frost, we are, for the most part, maskless and going in for real hugs. I won't miss elbow bumps but I sure have missed mimosas. This is evidenced by the above photo. I'm in the back row raising a glass, because of course.

Ring in the season with a garden party. It needn't be a pretentious affair with giant straw hats and a quartet. Just keep it simple, delicious and outside.

Ladles & Linens is stocked with spring entertaining essentials!

Tips for a memorable garden party

#1 Vegging out

Spring is all about rebirth and regrowth. Incorporating a lot of raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs will be a subtle nod to freshness. Keeping it light will be a needed contrast from the hearty winter stews and roasts. Plus, when you keep it light, the drinks make you even giddier!

Raw and fresh ideas for the garden party:

  • Water in a clear pitcher (or dispenser) filled with sliced lemon and lime
  • Cocktails with fresh muddled mint or basil, like a muddled basil and strawberry vodka spritzer
  • Champagne with fresh raspberries
  • Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches (it's a classic!)
  • Hummus and sliced crudité
  • Asparagus spears with hollandaise dipping sauce
  • Deviled eggs topped with chives or diced red pepper
  • Peaches and cream served in wine glasses

paper placemats

Paper placemats at Ladles and Linens

#2 Don't be afraid of a little color

Spring is still getting its legs, and your yard won't yet be bursting with every color of the rainbow. Use bright, punchy colors to remind your guests of the beauty that's to come.

How to infuse color into your garden party

Use fun, mismatched dishware and stemware, as long as the colors complement one another. I had a friend do this for his Easter brunches, and real plates made it special. And the fact that they were mismatched kept it from feeling overly precious.

Add fresh-picked flowers, even if from around the yard.

Trot out your houseplants for some fresh air, sunshine, and atmosphere, as nature is slow to fill in your landscape.

melamine plateware

Ladles and Linens' Melamine dishware is nearly unbreakable - perfect for ourdoors!

Fill up the bird feeders, to ensure your guests get quite the show.

Check out the garage or shed, making sure to add any wind chimes, hammocks, wind spinners, bird houses, or other things that make an outdoor space more homey. Use these items to make intimate spaces around the yard or patio, so that the main area isn't too cluttered. 

Make your outdoor spaces mimic the comfort of indoors, with splashy pillows, throw blankets, and scented candles.

If this party goes into early evening or twilight, make sure you have strung white lights to twinkle through the transition.

Ladles and Linens is stocked with things that make a real splash, such as:

pinch bowls

Blossom pinch bowls at Ladles and Linens

#3 Choose simple over stuffy

Classical music and formal attire have their place, but after the past two years, the world has put a renewed value on comfort. It's a sign of modernity and your guests will thank you for it.

How to keep your party simple, and enjoy it yourself:

  • No sit-down meals. Lay out an elegant buffet table strewn with bud vases and fresh flowers, a pretty tablecloth and little signs to label the foods. Tour guests will know what to do. 
  • If you're feeling extra ambitious, fill in spaces on the buffet table to give the impression of bounty, such as clusters of nectarines or tiny pots of succulents.
  • Pre-mix the cocktails so guests simply need to pour or dispense their libations. No shaking, no stirring.
  • Don't enforce a strict dress code. Whether you send text or paper invites, mention that it isn't formal, and they're welcome to wear their comfy, spring looks. 
  • If you'd like to play classical, ensure that it's light. A random playlist might start leaning towards more somber music. Plus you can add old-school jazz, Billie Holiday or modern classics to mix it up and keep it light. 

Vase wraps at Ladles and Linens

Keeping it simple will allow you time to reconnect, rather than being a distracted host. If you want it to look effortless, the only way to pull it off is to pre-prep as much as possible. That is, unless you're a millionaire and can outsource the whole thing!

Kick off warm weather in style, and have a wonderful time doing it. 



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