"Cutensils" - how cute utensils bring joy to daily life

In 1999, famed architect Michael Graves partnered with Target to make high design more accessible to the masses. He created bubbly toasters and tea kettles with spinning whistles. Customers snatched up these playful takes on daily objects, and he moved on to design over a thousand pieces for Target. And the term "cutensil" was formed.

One reason for this success was that he imbued a bit of joy into everyday life. An unexpected dash of humor takes us out of ourselves. Playful, fluid lines loosen up the rigidity of right angles. Ladles and Linens knows how to put the "fun" in functionality. See below for a curated list of our own "cutensils" and add a little whimsy to your home!

koala tea infuser

The sloth tea infuser is already sold out, but Ladles & Linens carries a Narwhal spiked tea, a Purr-Tea Cat, a Tea Lion and Koala-tea infuser, pictured above. Make your cup of tea an even more joyful ritual, and grab one while it lasts!

 cat butt magnets

Proof that people love the unexpected? These cat tail magnets are nearly sold out. But animal lovers can switch their old magnets for animal magnets, pewter bees and more!

fun kid plate

They say children get all of the playful things that adults wish they could have: light-up shoes, crazy straws, and now plateware, as evidenced by these functional utensils!

ice cream spoons

These candy-colored ice cream spoons might just make your indulgence taste a little sweeter. How can these colors not cheer you up?

monkey measuring cups

Why use a regular measuring cup, when you can use a monkey measuring cup? Or rainbow-colored baking cups and basting brushes? If you have kids, it will surely get them in the mood to help, and hopefully become creative cooks themselves!

taco truck taco holder

I'm just going to leave this right here.

There's a lot more where this came from. Stop on by or visit our website - it's always a kitchen party, and everyone's invited!

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