Doting on Dad

I've heard many fathers complain that Father's Day doesn't have the same kind of magic that Mother's Day has. They have a point, but it isn't until recently men seemed to notice, or even care.

The modern man pulls his weight around the home. We're now living in a dual income world. This means home life is more precious for both parties. It involves teamwork, and men would like a little acknowledgement, thankyouverymuch.  

Man holding baby in restaurant

This Father's Day, give him something that says, "I didn't strangle you during the pandemic, and that must be something," without actually saying it. Here's a little something for every type of dad...

cocktail gft set

The Sophisticate

Some dads come home and crack open a beer. Others reach for the vermouth and swizzle sticks. If your father is the latter, let him luxuriate in his cocktail ritual with this gift set. And if he's in Lexington, these custom Lexington tumblers were made for him!


The Grillmaster

Whether he's flipping burgers or basting a bird, you won't find him in the kitchen. No, this father loves the primal mix of fire and meat, taking it back to the way of our ancestors. Reward this grillmaster for all he does with turners, bacon presses, thermometers and other tools made to amp up his grilling experience. 

vitamix is the best

The Health Nut

You know this Dad. He has a gym in the basement, and his assortment of powders and supplements are taking up precious real estate in the kitchen. A Vitamix is the pinnacle to their health journey. Get the pinnacle: Vitamix Ascent Series. Juicing and smoothies will never be the same. The celery juice won't change, though. Sorry.

bloody mary mix

Macho Man

My husband, like my father (don't we always end up marrying our parents?) has an affinity for sauces so hot, that they come with droppers and warning labels. The look on his face makes me question whether or not he even enjoys it, but Ladles and Linens carries actual delicious hot sauce. Clarke and Hopkins have flavors that take you around the world, and their Chesapeake Bloody Mary mix delivers the swift kick they're looking for.  

We see you, dads! Happy Father's Day!



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