Everyone wants to be that bride

Anyone who plans their own wedding earns at least an associate's degree in event planning. And everyone wants to be that bride. That bride that throws that wedding. The wedding people talk about for years afterward, wistful and laughing. 

Every bride (and the occasional groom) has this goal in mind when planning their wedding. Whether the result was white peacocks on the lawn or boring catered chicken, you have to love the effort. And the open bar. I found triplets from West Virginia who were a classical trio for my wedding music, but doubled as belly dancers for the reception! For fun, scroll to the bottom to see their photos.

couple at a wedding dinner

Last year, people who were engaged put their weddings on hold. People who were dating put their engagements on hold. Everyone is chomping at the bit to celebrate, but many who love a good party have been holding out. The good news? Wedding season is slinking back!

2020 was no ordinary year, so their wedding presents shouldn't be, either. Let them stock up on stacks of white plates and bath towels. But will they remember who gifted them? Fact: Couples will never forget who got them a set of boozy tea cups!

whiskey in a tea cup

If everyone wants to be that bride, then give them the kind of presents that that bride would like. Even better, that bride (or groom!) should sign up with Ladles and Linens for their wedding registry. Below, I've hand-picked my top choices for elegant, memorable wedding presents...and stand-out items for a wedding registry!

stoneware spoons

Pardon the pun, but these soup-er stoneware spoons will make every meal more special. These are like little art pieces for your mouth.

padded kitchen mat

These bold, vinyl floormats will beathe life and color into every room.


large copper bowl

I currently own this copper bowl, and even when empty, it glows like a standalone centerpiece. But it's almost never empty. The convenient size makes it a catch-all for everything from popcorn to art supplies.

turquoise woven placemats

Give your table a boho chic way to say, "I'm adulting now!" These dreamy woven mats can double duty as a table pad for hot serving dishes.

Cocktails on the porch. That's what I think of when I see this elegant Chinoiserie tray. Haul your bar or kitchen snacks outside and soak up the sun.

Whether you're shopping for a couple or considering wedding registries, know where to go if you know, or want to be, that bride. And those triplets from West Virginia? Check out our photos below...

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