Father's Day realness

I've never met a person who had a dad that was easy to shop for. Every holiday season, people fret over what to get "the man who has everything." But how could every man have everything?

Why are fathers so hard to shop for?

Perhaps because men had primarily been breadwinners in the past, they went ahead and bought themselves whatever they wanted. But now college enrollment is over 50% women and we are beginning to close the wage gap (a work in progress!). With more equality, women can often purchase whatever their hearts desire

Yet, no one ever seems strapped on what to get for moms. In fact, my husband always knows that when in doubt: mani-pedi-massage. My family knows that when in doubt: collagen gummies. So why is it so difficult to shop for dads?

Hamilton and Robert Regan

Maybe we're tethered to the old idea that men are simple creatures, not desiring of anything too nice. It harkens to a vintage stereotype, where all they needed was a working grill and a cold beer and they'd be fine. Perhaps this was true for some, but now men have their own line of skin care. Things have changed.

I believe that the secret to a great present (no matter the receiver) is to give them something that they want - not necessarily need. A present that they would never buy for themselves, but admire. Where luxury intersects with functionality - that's the way to go. 

Below are some items from Ladles and Linens that check all the boxes, because dads deserve something nice, but never too precious. Father's Day is just a week away - let's make it a great one!

Practical Magic Apothecary Cocktail Kit

apothecary kit

Why have a cocktail that's just delicious? Make it magical!

Waterproof digital thermometer

waterproof thermometer

There's something a little James Bond about this gadget, and is the perfect companion for men who take their meat (and other foods - maybe) seriously.

Local etched tumblers

Richmond tumbler glass

Perhaps Dad likes a buttery glass of Scotch. Sure, he could drink it out of a regular glass, but an etched glass tumbler that gives a sense of pride makes it go down that much easier.

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