Five Steps Closer to a Work/Life balance

Modern life is an anomaly. Technology is designed to simplify our lives, yet our world only seems to grow more hectic. And in the mad rush to cross things off our lists, we sometimes miss out on great moments. The other night I was so intent on getting my son to prepare for bed, that I didn't notice the ridiculous rap song he was making up. Not until I saw my husband laughing.

Many of us love the idea of being in the moment. After all, that's what made our childhoods slide by slowly. Life truly is more simple without the cycling thoughts. As a child, if I were eating an ice cream cone, I was all in. I wasn't going over a grocery list at the same time.

I'm tinkering with my work/life balance; it needs to improve. Whether you're a stay-at-home parent or a tax attorney, below you will find ideas to help make work easier, and play more joyful. 

1) But First, Coffee

The best way to tackle the day is to fuel up, so improve the quality of your life by improving your coffee. Skip staleness and enjoy the aroma of a freshly-ground bean. If  you don't have a coffee grinder, it's time. If you're a purist like me, you may not want the flavor of your coffee tainted by filters, plastic and machinery. Opt for a French press. It's simple, doesn't need electricity and makes a nice, strong cup!

2) Cultivating the Cube

It's hard to unwind after a workday if you dread going back. You can do a few things to liven up your work space. Keep a stash of power bars and other snacks in a conversation piece, like this acacia wood jar. Ditch the dated styrofoam and drink out of a cheerful mug. Hang up a new piece of art, and light up a desk lamp to battle a modern day blight: fluorescent lighting. 

3) Shaken, not Stirred

Whether you spent an afternoon with spit-up on your sweatshirt or with an Excel spreadsheet that wouldn't die, five o'clock couldn't come sooner. So grab a shaker, some ice, and start mixing things up! Ladles and Linens has an outstanding collection of bitters, shrubs and rim sugars; so kick your drinks up a notch - you deserve it. Especially if have spit-up on your sweatshirt. 

4) Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

Women wear so many things that defy gravity; stiletto heels, push-up bras - even hairspray. To be relaxed you have to feel relaxed. Give your battered feet some love in these cozy, graphic socks. Take a hot shower and use a luxurious French soap. Read a great book. It's guaranteed to take you out of your head and transport you.

5) The Best Medicine

That's right. Remember not to take yourself too seriously. Sometimes the weight of the world will melt away if you watch a ridiculously unrealistic romantic comedy. For me, Friends on Netflix is an instant mood booster. Lighten up your living space with hilarious hand-towels, cheeky (pun intended) magnets and rubber chicken bottle stoppers. Life is too short to have everything in your home be 100% beige.




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  • Peggy on May 21, 2019

    You are a brilliant marketer!

  • Peggy on May 21, 2019

    You are a brilliant marketer!

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