Food, but make it fashion!

Feast your eyes on these mesmerizing gelatin cakes by Jena Derman. I found this dessert in Food and Wine and could not get over how a food that's so basic could transform into art.

She uses organic fruit purees for color, and a metal leaf pastry tip to inject petals, made of condensed milk and coconut water. I wish I had the patience to try my hand at something so stunning, but I know my own limits.

dalgona coffee

Like many of us have done during this pandemic, she went down the rabbit hole of online videos and discovered a new hobby. As a collective, we've taken on baking bread, dalgona coffee and other viral trends. This is our first true winter with the pandemic, and if we don't embark on some distractions, we'll be missing out on delicious productivity.

Hot cocoa bombs are the thing that piqued my interest. I ordered a silicone mold, and am planning a sweet Valentine's Day. My son and I are going to make custom hot cocoa bombs and give them away to friends.

gourmet Jell-o shots

In this "new normal," where most of our meals are at home and dishes pile to the ceiling within minutes, let's make those dishes worth it. While I may not have the motivation to attempt gelatin cakes, I'm playing with the idea of gourmet Jello-shots. These elegant and layered concoctions are a far cry from what I was served at frat parties, and I loved those too!

Whether it's one of those fast-paced Instagram recipe videos that feature guilty pleasures, or the carrot bacon trend, try something new. Fill these long winter nights with tasty experiements to shake it up. And don't forget to share it with us!

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