Happy birthday, Sarah Nicholas!

They say that all the love you put out into the world comes back to you. This is especially true on birthdays, when people take time out of their busy schedules to let you know they are thinking of you - with or without Facebook reminders!

Sarah Nicholas's 40th birthday party

Well, after years of showing us how to cook and entertain, it's only fair that Ladles & Linens owner Sarah Nicholas should have a lively bash thrown in her honor. She and her friend Kathleen both turned 40, as did fellow Ladlette Courtney - Sarah's twin sister. A serious celebration was in order!

Grazing Crazy charcuterie board

Sarah and Kathleen's husbands threw the party, and they made sure to keep the prep simple so that everyone (hosts included!) could have a good time. Grazing Crazy provided a long, elaborate charcuterie board. Although I am hesitant to call it a charcuterie board. It was more like art. The figs were carved into beautiful shapes, each of their various dipping sauces were zesty, and every food group was represented - even dessert!

Country Style Doughnuts

The best doughnuts in the region, Country Style Doughnuts, were displayed on a glam Lucite peg board. Revelers would dance, stop at a table to graze and refuel, then run back to the dance floor.

Helen Hewit dancing

Hovering above the dance floor were strands of bohemian garland, made of silk and chiffon from repurposed prom dresses, scarves, and coin belts worn by belly dancers. The drinks were flowing, and let me say, it is taking all my energy not to post a video of Sarah and her husband Evan's attempt at doing "the lift" from Dirty Dancing!

Happy 40th Sarah!

Fayeruz Regan stands on a dance floor of glitter

Party sign

1983 poster

Sarah Nicholas dancing


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