Host the ultimate cozy Halloween movie night

Sometimes, a single photo can inspire you to get off your feet and change something. It could be a home decor account on social media that inspires you paint your ceiling, a cooking show that makes you march to the kitchen to learn how to bake bread

I've been seduced by Kiel James Patrick (@kjp on Instagram), who, in my opinion, embodies peak autumn. The top photo is one he's used for at least the past couple of years, and everything about it is impeccable. 

Last weekend saw not only the beginning of October, but a new release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney +. I wanted to have my very own KJP moment, and I pulled no stops!

How to host the ultimate cozy movie night

Halloween mantle

#1 - Lighting!

Lighting matters. Kill the overheads! I mean this is my theory for any room that doesn't have recessed lighting (I'm a lamp fan) but tonight I mean it. If you need to flick on a tiny, soft while (non-LED) lamp, fine, but we are going for warmth. Use stringed lights, in classic Halloween colors: orange or fuchsia. String them across your mantle. They are everywhere in stores. Throw in a pumpkin or two and the mood is even more festive. 

#2 - Fire!

No fireplace? No problem. Light a cluster of candles, and extra credit if they have delightful fall scents.

Boy with Halloween stuffed animals

#3 - Hygge!

We not be in the depths of winter, where coziness matters more than anything, but who doesn't want to be cozy? This means warm, fuzzy socks. Blankets. And for the love, put on your PJs.

bowls of pho

#4 - Of course, the food!

Eat something comforting, whether a hearty soup and grilled cheese, or even a stack of pancakes. We opted for warming bowls of pho. And a pizza from Bottom's Up because no judgement! But the popcorn? The popcorn should be punched up. My movie theatre go-to (yes, I still love movie theatres!) is popcorn studded with Milk Duds, but if you throw in a couple of handfuls of candy corn, it makes it that much sweeter and thematic.

Now, I'm going to say something that you may not like. Hocus Pocus (both the original and 2) are overrated. Many people feel this way, but I am happy to report I gave it a real shot. I wanted to join in on all the Hocus Pocus coziness that filled my feed last weekend. And I did, with no regrets. It was still a blast, and it's because I took all the above steps.

hot cocoa with marshmallows

So whether it's Hocus Pocus, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, or another favorite, enjoy this spooky season with a cozy movie night!

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