Let your grad know you're glad!

Schools out for the summer! Even if it wasn't a milestone graduation, getting through an entire school year in these unprecedented times was no small feat - especially for virtual learners.

Robert Regan is The Graduate

We should celebrate these graduates, and I have a perfectly clever theme. Granted, it was used for a graduate school party involving proper adults, and it references a classic film: The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

So if you run with this theme, the graduate needs to either be old enough to get the reference (like a sophisticated high-schooler or college grad) or so young that they don't even notice, like early elementary school. In my opinion, the adults had a crazy year too and this celebration should also be for them, so long as the little grad gets some cake!

Writer and hostess Fayeruz Regan

When my husband got his education degree from Pepperdine, I mailed invites that mimicked the famous movie poster (above), superimposing his head over Dustin Hoffman's. And since I love an excuse to dress up, guests were asked to come in vintage 60s attire.

pigs in a blanket

Everyone knows I love a good theme, and it carried over into one of the most important things at a party: the food! This movie takes place in the 1960s, so I went for total 60s camp. A crab dip, a large tray of pigs in a blanket, Velveeta dip, mini egg salad sandwiches and crudite, because some things never go out of style.

For dessert, I featured plates spilling over with a colorful assortment of cookies and a sign which read, "Robert is one smart cookie." Pardon the poor photo quality, but...

Add a photo wall to give your guests a fun diversion. All you need is a large wooden board and a jigsaw! The below photo wall was painted over multiple times to suit the occasion. We used it for a Cinco de Mayo party, a disco-themed party and more. With a little paint you can repurpose that party trick over and over. Social media makes your hard work go twice as far!

homemade party photo wall

Speaking of photos, I created a collage, superimposing my husband's image onto a ridiculous array of "yearbook" photos.Ā 

vintage photos

Keeping with the theme, our signature cocktail was straight out of the 60s: Mrs. Robinson's Lament. A punch bowl brimming with sherbert, sparkling lime soda and spiked with rum.

Cheeky signs featuring Mrs. Robinson's visage were everywhere. By the food spread was a sign in which she said, "I prefer to drink my meals, but as you wish."

Those famous legs, which arriving guests had to duck under.

Mrs. Robinson's legs

With this gorgeous warm weather, widespread vaccinations and a true accomplishment mid-pandemic, it's the perfect trifecta of reasons you should be celebrating in style. Congratulations graduates!Ā 

Ā Graduation party

outdoor party at night

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