Five outdoor essentials for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend means different traditions for different people. For some it's an annual beach trip, for others it's hosting a backyard barbecue. The one unifier between all celebrations, is that everyone is outside.

When decorating, we're always told to bring the outdoors in. Plants freshen the air and makes us feel less cooped up. But there's a lot to be said about bringing the indoors out. It extends the comfort of your home past your door, so you're not "roughing it" on your own property. 

These essentials will have you waxing and relaxing in comfort outside, no matter where you're spending Memorial Day Weekend!

painted poppy cocktail shaker

Shake it up!

Whatever you're drinking, it should be ice cold. Why not use a shaker that mimics the gorgeous May blooms that surround us? These painted poppy cocktail shakers infuse whimsy into any celebration!

silicone lids

Put a lid on it

Keep bugs out of your cocktails, chips and anything else on your beautiful spread. These silicone lids come in all shapes and sizes, feature a variety of cheery colors and are even oven safe up to 500 degrees!

melamine bicycle plates

Fashion plate

Whether you're packing a picnic or taking a boat out, no one wants to hear the rattle of precious porcelain plates. Melamine is lighter, practically unbreakable and perfect for transport. Not to mention that the selection at Ladles and Linens will bring cheer with its cheeky, splashy designs. 

grill surface thermometer

All Fired Up

Many of you will be out grilling, so why not bring the creature comforts of the kitchen to your little corner outside? In addition to turners, and sturdy aprons, this grill thermometer lets you know how hot your grill is. If you are as obsessed with cooking a ribeye to perfection as my husband is, this device will help you get it down to a science. 

stemless travel cups

Cup to snuff

Whether you're at the beach or a bonfire, these handy cups keep your drinks ice cold. Not to mention the lids keep your precious cargo from sloshing out. In ethereal designs that mimic nature, it will be hard to pick just one. Though you might need to, because they are almost sold out!

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