Sangria: your new favorite fruit

Eat more fruits and vegetables, they said. It's good for you, they said. Unlike a basic fruit salad, sangria has mood-boosting abilities, and we could all use a little of that!

On a trip to Barcelona, I was surprised to see that most restaurants kept Sangria simple. Glasses of red wine would come with a can of Sprite, to mix as we wished. Locals told us this was common for quick lunches in Spain. And by quick lunch, I mean a decadent meal with at least five or six sides. While I'm digressing, quick PSA: Never order tapas; it's a money trap. Instead, do what the locals do and order the "menu del dia." You get all the same seasonal and fresh options, plus your glass of wine with Sprite, for a lot less. See our bounty in the below photo!

At upscale bars, we would find the brandy and fruit-laden variety. Sangria is the type of summer drink that forces you to slow down and take note of everything happening. There are different textures and no two pitchers taste alike. But every pitcher of mine is fruity, fizzy and boozy.

While there are many options for ingredients (depending on which fruits are seasonal), here's a real crowd-pleaser:

  • Β 
  • 1 cup sliced peaches (for summer - pomegranate seeds are great for winter)

Place everything in a pitcher and mix. Pour over ice and be sure to brag to your doctor about how responsible you were with those fruit servings.

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