Score with these Super Bowl classics

Let me come clean. The only sports knowledge I have is which NBA players dated which Kardashians. But this isn't a sports blog. Let's talk about your Super Bowl spread!

I love the overt indugence of Super Bowl food. The only vegetables are the carrots and celery, and they come with Buffalo wings and get dragged through bleu cheese dressing. I love how you can eat while shouting at the T.V. I love that people talk throughout the game but are dead silent during commercials. 

buffalo wings

There's a secret weapon to making a spread in half the time, with less mess and less calories: an air fryer. Buffalo wings and loaded potato skins are my favorite, and air fryers make them lighter and crispier than the pub version. And since I'm a sucker for a good theme, know that potato skins are scrumptiously versatile. Consider them a savory blank slate to build that trasy canape that dreams are made of. 


  • The Russian: Sour cream and caviar
  • The Pub: Melted cheese, sour cream, chopped bacon and chives
  • The Crazy Greek: In a food processor, mix banana peppers, feta, thyme and a lttle bit of banana pepper juice. Pump it, spoon into potato skins and top with a marinated olive 
  • The Delta: Pulled barbecue pork and coleslaw, drizzled with barbecue sauce

Have fun with it. Don't forget the guacamole and chips. The dips. Stock up on the ice cold beer. And may the best team win.

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