Soup Around the World

Finally the chill has setted in, and nothing warms you better than a bowl of soup. Everyone seems to have a good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup recipe, so I'm going global. 

I recommend making good soup in bulk, because a few good recipes can last you through the winter. Simply pour into gallon sized bags and lay flat to freeze - they stack and take up minimal space. If you'd rather refrain from single use plastics, Ladles and Linens have all the storage options you need.


The modern-day answer to chicken noodle soup, pho (pronounced "fuh") is loaded with antioxidants and bone broth, which helps with inflammation, joint pain and more. Add some Sriracha and you'll even give a kick to your sinuses. It's perfect for hangovers and the common cold, and in Vietnam it's breakfast. Though the bone broth is time-intensive, it's well worth the wait, so be sure to make a large batch in a stock pot and freeze the leftover homemade broth. Here's the recipe.


In college, I waited tables at Olive Garden. Though the tips were abysmal, I learned to appreciate a few dishes. No matter how much guff my foodie friends give me, I'll be forever loyal to Zuppa Toscana. Cream-based but not heavy, it has a little kick with the sausage, a healthy serving of kale and potatoes to make it hearty. It's an entire meal in a bowl. Though Olive Garden will never reveal their recipe, this one comes close, as long as you swap the spinach for kale.


Everyone adores the gooey goodness of French onion soup, and above is a recipe Ladles and Linens recently shared with readers. The ingredients are uncomplicated, and imagine the delight on the faces of those dining with you as they pull up a spoonful of melted Gruyere.

Now get cooking and don't forget to share photos with us!


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