Think Valentine's Day is cheesy? Make it literal.

I love the idea of Valentine's Day. Celebrating love is nothing to scoff at. I just wish it weren't so...what's the word? Roadsides and drug stores are filled with last-minute balloons and teddy bears, which tend to infantilize grown women. Want the key to my heart? Do the dishes.

Of course, if someone goes all out with a tasteful gift and attentive kindness, they run the risk of their significant other asking, "Why aren't you this sweet all the time?" Valid question, but still. 

It's also a very couple's-based holiday. I like that Galentine's Day is becoming a thing, with single women getting together to show love for one another. Maybe the kids have figured it out, giving a Valentine's Day card to everyone, spreading the love far and wide. 

cheese board with grapes and pretzels

If you think Valentine's Day is kind of cheesy, then make it full-on cheesy, with a gorgeous cheeseboard. Unless you can pull off a nacho cheese fountain. In which case, you have won Valentine's Day. 

Zero cooking is required to make a cheese board, and it makes a gorgeous display for Valentine's Day. Whether for your friends, your partner or the whole family, a dazzling presentation shows that you care.

Tips for a great cheese board

Sample a variety of cheeses, such as:

  • A  soft cheese with a bloomy rind, such as brie or camembert
  • A hard, buttery cheese, such as manchego
  • A sharp cheddar
  • A blue cheese, such as stilton
  • A mild cheese, such as burrata or gouda

charcuterie board

If you'd like to make it a full meal, add sliced meats for protein, to make it a proper charcuterie board. At the deli, opt for items that are off the grocery rotation. It may be pricier, but it will be exotic!

If there is a vegetarian, opt for roasted almonds or brazil nuts. Place a bowl of hummus on the tray and surround it with crackers.

Be sure to add crackers to complement the cheese board. A crusty baguette loaf would be divine.

A little sweetness never hurt anyone. From sliced figs to marmalade, dried apricot to grapes, there are plenty flavor profiles to round out the salty goodness, and make it a more complete meal.

Presentation matters. Use a large wood cutting board or serving board. Play around with different sections boasting pops of color. Small, decorative bowls can corral nuts or jam. Lay out cheese cutters and serving utensils to make it more elegant. Use leaves or flowers to make your display look like a painting. 

If Valentine's Day is going to be cheesy, you may as well make yours the cheesiest. Happy Valentine's Day!



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