Tipsy & toasty with Sarah Nicholas

Ladles & Linens owner Sarah Nicholas hosted a holiday party at her home last week. Imagine a place with the elegance of The Jefferson, mixed with the whimsy of the Greenbrier. That's Sarah's house.


Just last week I posted about creating nooks in your home for partygoers - inviting little spaces where guests can enter for quiet time, or to participate in an activity. At Sarah's Tipsy & Toasty party, she did this... times 100. There were Christmas trees in every room, all with a different theme. There was a fully-stocked bar in every room, complete with cocktail set-ups, mixers and ice, placed ahead of time for guests to create their own drinks. Holiday music was piped in throughout the home. Trays of home-baked goods were everywhere.

desserts on a holiday table

Partygoers drank from golden goblets, and the delicious spread sat on trays lined in gold. Stacks of full-sized candy bars on the table gave the feeling of decadence. Leaning the holiday theme, Sarah converted a wheel of brie into the face of Jolly old Saint Nick. She molded soft cheese and cured olives into little Christmas trees. 

Santa made of cheese

But I'll let the pictures do the talking. See for yourself what an impeccable hostess she is, and how happy everyone was to be there.

Drew Baldwin and Robert Regan

Happy holidays!

olive and cheese Christmas trees

holiday table

Palestinian food

Fayeruz Regan and Jacklyn Baldwin

chocolate peanut butter cookies

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