Too Cool for British Rule


Happy Independence Day, from Ladles & Linens!

Friendly reminder that a couple of stores will be open for revelers in the early part of the day.  Feel free to swing by for last-minute party items, host gifts and more!

Hours: Roanoke: 10a-1p & Carytown: 10a-3p

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of last-minute tips to make the most of your holiday!

In case you haven't noticed, it's hot outside. Cakes and pies are grand, but firing up the oven on a sweltering day? Not so much. Show your loved ones that you're too cool for British rule with an Americana parfait! Zero cooking, refreshingly cool, and you can wow your guests with homemade whipped cream! Ditch the whisk (again, too hot)  and try this handy cream whipper! One taste and people will know your cream wasn’t store-bought.

Enjoy fireworks without floaties – keep pesky bugs out of your drink with these silicone drink covers

As a nation of immigrants, it's sometimes tough to find a food that originated in America. People's go-to are hot dogs and hamburgers, but they are in fact German foods, from Frankfurt and Hamburg, respectively. How to Americanize these dishes? Slather them in BBQ sauce of course! Take your grilling next level with a Himalayan Salt Block. Filled with minerals, it infuses food with a subtler and more complex flavor than regular table salt. And it can take the heat!

Have a happy fourth!


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