Ugly is the New Delicious

Ugly food is a thing now. And ironically, it's a beautiful thing. Did you know that a lot of grocery stores wont sell produce that's oddly-shaped? I'm surprised by this, because  who wouldn't want a heart-shaped eggplant? Lucky for us, there are companies who are working to reduce this silly waste, such as Imperfect Produce. They deliver these goodies right to your door!

There are plenty of "ugly foods" out there that someone might wrinkle their nose at, but are in fact quite tasty. Consider truffles. No agriculturist has been able to harvest this wild fungus, so it's only foraged in the wild by search pigs or search dogs. This highly-coveted mushroom is perhaps the most expensive produce on earth. Recently, an 850-gram white truffle from Alba sold for $96,000. Stinky in a good way and rich with umami flavor, truffles are decidedly ugly (per the above photo). But if you thinly slice a truffle over a creamy linguine dish, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. 

Image result for prawn dish

Prawns. Yes, they're all antennae and eyeballs, but the seafood taste is light instead of fishy, and sweet instead of just salty. Don't leave these out of your next seafood dinner! With a lot of butter and a spritz of lemon, these don't need much to be the best version of themselves. 

Black garlic looks like little lumps of coal, but the taste is sublime and it's considered a delicacy. Add to this, it has double the antioxidants of regular garlic and has components that fight cancer! Easily peel and press some fresh garlic onto your avocado toast or homemade salad dressing, and taste the difference.

Readers, let's be adventurous and get a little ugly!

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