Five ways to make your guests feel pampered

This is our first weekend at home in over a month. It's been a whirlwind July. We took a long vacation, and were lucky to have been hosted at a couple of houses on the Chesapeake Bay

These hosts were gracious, and it inspired me to list a few ways you can make guests feel right at home - even pampered. After all, there are just a few more weeks left of summer, and people are trying to squeeze something in.


Get baked

Remember that scene in Clueless when Cher runs around her house frantically, preparing for Christian's arrival? One tip she offered was to have something baking when they arrive. Though her attempt ended in disaster, there's something to be said for stepping into a home filled with the aroma of baked bread, or chocolate chip cookies.

It's a great touch when you can offer a fresh-baked treat for weary travelers upon arrival. And nothing fills a home with a more cozy and warming scent than a batch of Soberdough bread. Most packages of Soberdough require only a can of beer to mix in, and they are delectable. 

healthy snack basket

Live and let live

Give your guests the freedom to be themselves, and let them come and go as they please. They may be excited to see loved ones that live nearby, or take in some tourist attractions. While you are the host, their vacation may not be all about you.

So give them some grace. Pass on a housekey to let them come and go as they please. Leave out a couple of beautiful bowls, filled with fresh fruit or snacks, for easy access to a little sustenance.

a proper Irish breakfast

Coffee talk

Regardess of how busy your guests' schedules may be, morning is always a great time to regroup.  People are sleepy and shuffling out of their rooms, so give them a great start to their day. Before they head out, brew a strong batch of French press coffee, slice up some ripe summer fruit and make some eggs. You can even prepare a strata the night before, if you're feeling ambitious. Some of my best catch-up sessions are over a hot cup of coffee.

Luxurious soap


There are toiletries, and there are spoiletries. Toiletries are hiding in your bathroom, for guests to try and locate. Spoiletries are laid out in a basket or decorative bowl in the guest room. It's common to forget a necessity while packing, and house guests would delight in some offerings. It will give you a chance to use up all the sample soaps and lotions you scooped up on your last vacation. Or indulge them with luxurious Beekman products! Don't forget to leave some folded towels and washcloths on the bed, and fresh-cut flowers on the bedside table. 

Fayeruz Regan and family on a summer vacation

 Just relax

An over-anxious host running around to fluff up pillows can have the opposite effect on visitors. When you are relaxed, they are relaxed. So whip up a batch of cocktails to share with guests, and take the edge off. Have a reggae playlist going in the background. Stop running around to pick up dog toys and errant cups. Rather than trying to be too formal, we often start up a game of Tetris. It's a nice dose of nostlgia, that ends up getting pretty intense. But no matter what you do, just sit down. 

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