Pizza Scissors

$ 8.95

Brand Harold
Fante's Cousin Gilda's Pizza Scissors are the safest and easiest way to cut slices from all types of pizza. Whether it is a deep dish or pan pizza, plain cheese or white pizza, or Sicilian or Grandma's style pie, even whole wheat or gluten free crust, Cousin Gilda's Pizza Scissors are the best scissors for easily cutting America's all-time favorite food in just seconds.

Safer than using a metal pizza cutter, they cut slices without worry of a sharp blade. Its unique spatula-style tip slides under crusts easily to lift pizza above the pan for effortless cutting. A clever and helpful addition to cutlery and cooking tools, it works for both left- and right-handed users.

Made from non-scratch nylon, Cousin Gilda's Pizza Scissors are easy and safe to use, and will not scratch delicate surfaces. No sharp blades. They store away in a drawer safely. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.