2021: A fresh start

The week between Christmas and New Year's Eve is ...weird. It's this state of limbo where it feels like the holidays but also doesn't. You shuffle around the house unsure of what day it is, gobbling up the sweets you were gifted.

When all is put away, your home feels cleaner. It's a new year and a fresh start. And you need it, because no matter how heartwarming the holidays intend to be, it leaves most of us exhausted. 

eating your colors


This isn't so much about resolutions as it is about detoxing, whether from eggnog or problematic family members.  If food is medicine, then a fresh take on the foods we love would be a great way to kick off 2021.

Tweaking your leftover traditions

We're big on tacos, often taking leftover steak or shrimp and stuffing them between grilled corn totillas. But my newest obsession is swapping tortillas for butter lettuce. Butter lettuce gives a fresh crunch, a clean taste and doesn't break as easily as a corn tortilla.

Rule of thumb? Eat your colors! The photo (pitcured top) features leftover turkey topped with kumquats, which are in season and offer a sweet and sour crunch. Highy recommended! Just add salsa or hot sauce, and you have a meal. 

A more meaningful breakfast

chia seed parfait

Another tweak that makes a difference is adding a little life to your breakfast. Many times we scarf down a less-than-substantial meal in a rush. But sugar crashes seem to hurt more on winter mornings, and adding protein keeps you satisfied longer. Just toss some fresh blueberries and almond slices into your cereal. Sprinke flax seeds and coconut into your oatmeal. Chia seeds take on a cool texture in your cottage cheese and yogurt. 

Have fun playing with textures and flavor

Try noodles made from zucchini or spaghetti squash, with a zezty sauce to reward yourself. A little extra butter, garlic and shaved parmesan goes a long way.

Mix and match different foods for texture and color. Mandarin oranges and edamame and great together, tossed with chopped walnuts and a squeeze of lemon. Try to mimic a grain bowl from your favorite restaurant. I like to toss quinoa with a light vinaigrette and top with beets, goat cheese, arugula and cubed cucumber. 

Little tweaks like this take the pressure off of resolutions, diets and, based on what I've been seeing, intermittent fasting. I applaud whatever health journey people are on. My own journey includes chocolate cake. Just remember to eat your colors, don't be afraid to experiment with flavor and enjoy this cleaner, more energetic version of yourself.

Happy 2021!

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