Add a little sparkle to your low-key NYE

If ever there was a year to celebrate the end of, that year would be 2020. New Year's Eve isn't just a way to celebate better days ahead, but a chance to commend ourselves for pulling through all of the challenges in creative ways. We've got grit!

I know what you're thinking. The global pandemic has made celebrating impossible. Nonsense! Sure, I won't be sucked into a tight sequined dress and teetering on heels in a packed room, then waiting an hour for a Lyft. But how fun was that really?

Those New Year's traditions of yore will be back before you know it, so let's put the comfort in "comfort and joy" and make the most of it in an intimate, cozy setting. 2020 was no ordinary year, so here are some tips to take everything up a notch. Ladles and Linens has you covered!

new year's 2020

Put the yoga pants down

Save that staple for every other day, and try a new kind of confortable. Men, put on a cashmere sweater and some forgiving jeans. Ladies, slip on a cotton dress and warm tights. Unlike stilettos, a sparkly necklace and ruby red lips won't hurt one bit. Rising to the occasion and looking polished will elevate your mood.  

Get bubbly (even if chemically induced)

Buy more Champagne than you think you'll need. An extra glass or two won't hurt. Not as much as home-schooling while maintaining a full-time job. Which is exactly why you deserve that extra glass. Or two. Or...let's just say no one should be judging.

Gourmet all the way

Trade pot roast for prime rib, tilapia for scallops. Steam some mussels and shave some truffles. In short, treat yourself. You deserve it.

oyster platter

Sparkle and shine

Trot out the china and the Champgne flutes. If your meal's going to be elevated, so should the plateware. Light the good candles and bring in a bundle of fresh flowers. 

girls playing poker


Make a silly photo booth to commemorate the year, and spread the cheer on the socials, for friends and family you would have normally been with. Whether you wear masks, or feaure a background that says "We survived 2020," have fun with it. Bust out the board games or set up a good game of poker. 


Write down all the good things that came from this year. Whether it was a new hobby you picked up in quarantine, or the extra quality time with your furry friends. Take everything you wrote and fasten them to a cork board, or string them up, attaching the notes with clothes hangers. Remember: if you look for the good, you'll always find it.

 Happy New Year!

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