5 Steps to Marie Kondo Your Fridge

Photo credit: Kristy Wicks

Thrift stores across the country are experiencing a surge in donations, thanks to Marie Kondo. This Netflix phenomenon is making America consider quality over quantity. Most of the focus has been on our closets, though we visit our refrigerators twice as often, if not more.

We’re on a bit of a Spring Cleaning kick here at Ladles and Linens, and since the party’s always in the kitchen, let’s show it some love!

Step 1: The Wipe Down

You must start with a clean slate. Empty your fridge completely and wipe it down. If any spillage has hardened, tackle it with some dish soap and these Neat Nut Scour, which are textured but gentle on glass. 

Step 2: Retire the Expired

The more cluttered the fridge, the higher the chances you’re got fuzz growing on your marmalade. Toss out anything that’s expired. Don’t forget to recycle! When cleaning out bottles, keep your clothes dry and goop-free with this vintage-style smock apron.

Step 3: Divide and Conquer

Now that you’ve tossed away the suspects in the mystery refrigerator smell, organize what’s left. Keep your condiments in the door and your veggies in the crisper. And while refrigerators will always carve out space for your butter, sometimes you need a modification so the fridge fits your lifestyle. If you grow or buy fresh herbs, this miracle worker will extend their fridge life.

Step 4: Give it some space

Make sure that in the refrigerator, there’s a space for everything. If every area is designated for something, there can be no more dead spaces that collect clutter. Need a catch-all for your hard-boiled eggs, or crudite? 

Step 5: Freeze!

The freezer and fridge are a package deal. Once you’ve repeated steps 1-4 on the freezer, you’ll find you have a little extra space. Use it wisely. Keep sundry items that get lost in the freezer, like ice packs, eye masks and cocktail rocks, together in a container. I use the extra space to keep pint glasses lined upon the freezer door, because it’s nice to come home to a frosted glass of margaritas. And if you want to go next-level, here’s a treat for cocktail enthusiasts.

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