Yes Way, Rose

You may have noticed that rose is kind of a thing right now. Rose All Day tees are as ubiquitous as bridesmaids shirts, and I’m pretty sure they use the same fonts.

Why all the hype? Let’s start with the obvious. It’s often fizzy, always pink and when served chilled, feels as celebratory as spring! While a Cabernet is perfect with a sweater by the fire, rose sees you on the patio, watching a pastel sunset. 

The wine is made from a variety of grapes, vinified with the grape skin on for just a limited time, lending to the blush in color. They run the gamut from dry to sweet as moscato, and range in color from pale pink to magenta. They often hint at fruity flavors, such as cherry and strawberry. Below are some ways to usher in spring with rose and see what the buzz (the pun stays) is about!

Headed to a BBQ or beach picnic? Keep your rose cool in the sun with this wine cooling wand, complete with a pour spout.

Make your next party simply magical, with these unicorn markers for your wine glasses.

When was the last time a towel made you laugh? There's a variety of wine-themed hand towels at Ladles and Linens!

 Prefer a bubbly rose? Keep the fizz on lock with this little helper.

Step up your rose with some complimentary snacks. Everyone loves a good charcuterie board, and this artisan treasure will show your Virginia pride!

Now enjoy your rose, s'il vous plait!

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