Back-to-school essentials that'll boost your kid up

I don't know about you other parents out there, but my son is nervous about school starting. He's been out of in-person school since halfway through kindergrten, and is preparing to go back for second grade.

We're all looking for ways to navigate this strange moment in time. We do our best to instill a sense of normalcy through a phase that feels anything but. Between the separation anxiety from his parents and social anxiety of going back to school, we're finding ways to ease the transition.

masked up

One thing we did was to mark the passing of time, by celebrating the end of an era. We reserved a table on the portico of Blue Atlas, eating small plate dishes from around the world against the backdrop of the city skyline. We toasted to the final days of us three together at home, with little adventures thrown in to break things up.

But no matter how many pumpkins you adorn your porch with, the first day of school looms large. At the end of the day, they won't get over it until they go through it. Below, I've listed some back-to-school essentials that infuse a sense of humor, a pop of color, or a convesation piece that will bring them some positive attention, and a boost of confidence. 

Bento Box Lunch

bento box for kids

Regular Tupperware is just so...provincial. Go cosmopolitan with a Japanese-inspired bento box lunch kit. Featuring an array of colors and designs, it brings the wow factor to the cafeteria. 

Mind your beeswax

bee's wrap

Want a more sustainable option to all that plastic that goes into packing lunches? Your child will! These reusable, washable wraps seal the freshness in, and come with designs such as cats, dinosaurs, polka dots and bees!

It's in the bag

social justice warrior


Whether your child is a social justice warrior or lover of space rockets, there is a lunch bag to fit every personality. From minimalist canvas designs to padded paisley bags that hold ice packs, there's a little something to suit every need!

Mug shot

dog travel mug

From hot tomato soup on cold, wet days to ice-cold lemonade for a post-recess cool-down, these travel mugs maintain temperature for hours. And the dog design makes it a conversation piece, as classmates will undoubtedly point out the pups that resemble theirs!

Stepping it up

folding step stool

When kids get home from school, they're usually ravenous. Give them a little independence by allowing access to the snacks or the microwave oven via this folding step stool. They may be able to fold the stool back up when done, but it's likely your counters will remain in a post-apocalyptic state. 

So there you have it. Load up on face masks they'll love, a fall wardrobe they'll positively destroy and build them up before they step into the next grade level. We've got this!


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