This easy spa trick will elevate your home

It's that strange time of year that feels like a mash-up between two seasons. We're flooded with back-to-school messages, and indeed some kids are in school. But we associate this time of year with fall. Outdoors, it's anything but.

Writer Fayeruz Regan and her son Hamilton

We're still in the throes of the dog days. Quaint fireflies that mark the beginning of the season have mostly gone away, replaced by cicadas the size of small birds, screaming from the treetops. The heat and humidity is forcing me to hydrate to the point where, well, I'm getting kind of sick of water.

Do you ever get sick of water? Palm Springs knows a thing or two about heat, and when I stayed at a resort there, the front entrance had a hydration station that was anything but perfunctory. Frosted glass dispensers were lined up, and a rainbow of diced fruit and herbs were stashed into them. This simple feature, usually reserved for spas, was to be enjoyed by everyone. It elevated the whole resort.

fruit infused spa water

It's a low-cost way to beat the heat, and it makes your home feel luxurious. Keep a pitcher in the fridge to delight your family and guests. If you don't have one large infuser, grab a few small tea infusers for stuffing the goods in. It keeps the nozzle free from getting clogged by seeds or tiny herb leaves, and your glass of water free from debris. 

Below I've listed some tips, along with tried and true combinations. So grab some fruits and herbs and let's get chopping!

Tips for great spa water

  • To give your water more flavor and color, slice thinly or chop to release the juices. Pomegranate seeds would need to be smashed.
  • Pull out your infusers on day two. If you finish the pitcher before day two, keep the infuser in, and refill as many times as you'd like.
  • Play with measurements, depending on taste and the size of your pitcher. Nearly all flavors will remain subtle. The only listed ingredient that can be overpowering is the rosemary, where I suggest one or two small sprigs for a pitcher.
  • I should mention that most of the below ingredients would do well as a stand-alone item, such as mint, strawberry, cucumber or orange. But over the years I've mixed and matched, and am happy to share some tried and true favorites.
  • Remember, the possibilities are endless!

produce vendor

Infused water combinations

  • Strawberry and basil
  • Blueberry, lemon & rosemary (1 or 2 small sprigs for a pitcher)
  • Mint and cucumber
  • Grapefruit and mint (add pomegranate when in season)
  • Mango, raspberry & ginger
  • Lemon, lime and mint 
  • Blackberries, orange and ginger
  • Watermelon, lime and mint




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