Christmas Bake-cation!

Around five years ago, Richmond was hit with an early, somewhat unexpected snowstorm. It coincided with a major baking session my friend and I embarked upon. Our toddlers were best friends. What better way to keep an eye on them than watching them circle the table, hoping for a square of fudge or chocolate chip cookie?

It was a great monitoring system. They never strayed far, and every so often, they'd hover around the table on their best behavior. The same goes today, (pictured top) as it did then (pictured below). We lost track of time and got creative. That marathon was so magical, we made it a holiday tradition

toddlers looking at a table of baked goods

We get into a zone when we bake. We play holiday music and struggle with the math as we double, or even triple recipes. There's a line of baking trays along the counter, waiting for their turn in the oven. Flour dust is so ubiquitous, there truly is no point in wearing an apron. We bake until we run out of dough. We swap cookies and fill our tins to the brim.

tray of gingerbread cookies

Why do I mention all of this? Prior to that first snowy night, baking over the holidays was something I only saw in commercials; things other people did. It wasn't part of my family tradition, but I'm glad I adopted it. The holidays are all about traditions, but that includes making your own. I indulge in holiday baking not for my love of chocolate, but because of the look on people's faces when I hand them a tin. 

boys helping on a baking day

When I pack the tins, I don't always know where they're going. But I know I'll need them. My husband was invited to a buddy's house for impromptu cocktails, so he's taking a tin. One of my girlfriends is having people over to see her new place, and she'll get a tin. You'll never have leftovers when you think of all the people in your life that deserve a gesture. Your favorite barista, a receptionist, your personal trainer. On second thought, the latter might be judgy about your gift. 

holiday cookie station

All this to say, you can begin new holiday traditions no matter what age you are. And if you bake for holidays, there's a guarantee you will be spreading cheer. You might even touch someone who needed the gesture more than you know. Here's to spreading the love. 

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