The holliest, jolliest party of all

When I scroll through the socials, I see curated, tonal holiday decor. White and sparkly, rustic with garland. All of it is beautiful. But you know what feels joyful? A decked-out maximalist explosion of cheer, with no holding back, a la Clark Griswold. Chesterfield's Ryan & Chris Freese threw a party that proved they were all in. 

griswold house

Everyone at the brunch-themed party was giddy. There was so much to do, so much to see. I lost count of Christmas trees at 7. Here are some tips to to throw an over-the top bash that will make your guests feel that elusive holiday magic. 

mimosa bar at holiday party

Mimosa bar > mimosas

Why serve plain mimosas when you can line the bar with a variety of fruit juices to go with that Champagne? From tart cherry to cucumber pear, stores offer endless options for their customers. Pass that on on to your guests!

hot cocoa bar


Hot cocoa bar > hot cocoa

It might be easy to prepare a pre-made pot of hot cocoa, but let guests play with their food. We challenged ourselves to add all the toppings to our hot cocoa; whipped cream, candy canes, gingerbread men, marshmallows, chocolate chips and three (!) kinds of sprinkles! Pro tip: The first topping should be whipped cream, which will hold up the other toppings. At least until you snap that photo!

ultimate hot cocoa

More = more

The holidays are no time to pare down - more is more! Chris and Ryan place a holiday tree in each bedroom, with ornaments that speak to their personalities. The den is decked out with lights. The art is switched out in the kitchen to holiday imagery. Warmth simply surrounds you when it twinkles in green garland and sparkles on vintage holiday bulbs. 

holiday village

To keep things simple but delicious, Chris and Ryan baked a variety of quiche dishes. They were mindful to include a zesty vegetarian option with goat cheese. A good guest never shows up empty-handed, and people brought plenty of sides, including sweet potato hash, bacon fried rice, and bagels.

snoop on a stoop

However you are celebrating, we hope you are making the most of this season. Happy holidays!


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