Pizza Personality Chart: What Your Toppings Say About You

Apparently, your pizza toppings say a lot about you. The Internet is awash in theories and psychological profiles, and I've listed the findings below.

Because this post will spark cravings, know that nothing beats homemade pizza. And it's easier than you think! I would know - we recently had a Ladles pizza night (pictured below).  For starters, pizza steel will give you that crispy crust that comes from a wood-burning fire oven. And unlike pizza stones, they're virtually unbreakable. We all know a good crust can make or break your pizza; it's the foundation!

Onto the findings...

Pepperoni: Caring, uncomplicated and fun. You are considered a "rock" to those who know you, and live a relatively drama-free existence. 

Anchovies: You're stubborn and argumentative, because people just can't see how superior you are. You've been known to wave a fist at the TV while yelling at it.

Cheese: Not basic, but reliable. Steady and confident in your choices. If you get extra cheese, you get bumped to rock star status for living that guilt-free life!

Margherita Pizza: You're sophisticated and have probably been to Italy. Whenever someone tells you it's not traditional pizza, you instantly file them under "Jersey Shore Italians."

Sausage and Peppers: You get by alright, though you're a bit of a bore. No one can say anything mean about you, except for that time you said California rolls were real sushi. 

Veggie Lovers: Secretive and sensitive, with easy access to your feelings. You have an inner world no one knows about, and people confide in you.

The Otherness: You're a gourmand, you're educated and you think outside the box. Sure, you like veggies but why be boring? You go for the basil, the artichokes, the jalapenos and the arugula. You have a lust for life. 

Meat-Lovers: Bold, outspoken and proud. You like what you like, are loyal to it, and aren't afraid of naysayers.

Hawaiian: Laid back and unconventional. Perhaps an artist that doesn't strive for suffering but rather paints in their spare time. You are Matthew McConaughey.

Below is a photo of a personal pizza I customized. Judge away!


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