Put Love Back in the Lunch Box

Kids have a thing for Lunchables. Sure, the little wheels of meat are tasteless and there's nary a vegetable in sight. Lunchables are simply proof that kids are suckers for presentation, and parents are strapped for time. Below are some hacks for healthy lunches that won't keep you in the kitchen until midnight.

Nora Ephron once wrote that people love to play with their food. Children are no exception. Lunchables allows kids to stack crackers and pizza rounds how they'd like. Why not make homemade combinations? They pack lot more flavor, as well as nutrients:

  • Go Greek: Pita triangles, feta crumbles, hummus, cucumbers and olives
  • Napa Picnic: Crackers, cubed cheese, grapes, almonds and deli meat
  • The Fiesta: Tortilla chips, grilled chicken, avocado, black olives and sour cream
  • Korean BBQ: Seasoned seaweed, sticky rice, steak strips, marinated bean sprouts (or pickled daikon) and soy sauce

Have fun with themes!

And since kids appreciate presentation as much as adults do (stacked plating invented #foodporn) - why not indulge them? Ladles and Linens sells packed lunch options that are as adorable as they are reusable. Because who wants to keep throwing away money on endless plastic bags? If you like a sleek look (AKA no woodland creatures), these stainless steel food containers won't break like glass, or leach into your food like plastic does. 

Ladles and Linens also recently posted the below hacks to their Recipes page, and it's worth mentioning:

It's a hectic time, yes. But it's time you won't get back. So spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your kids. Or ignoring them from your porch swing with a glass of merlot. Happy fall, y'all.

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