Happy Mother's Day, from Ladles and Linens!

Why lead with a family photo? It's too predictable. This day is about us. Happy Mother's Day!

As many know, it can be a fraught holiday. Some of us have lost babies, lost parents and all the traumas in between. This day is for all of us. I'm celebrating with my family, but since I've lost my mother, her memory weighs on me. Families develop traditions that trigger a sort of muscle memory whenever a holiday hits. 

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No matter where we land on the spectrum, let's take care of ourselves. A few days ago, I created an Instagram poll to see where moms were at. I was shocked to see that a pampering spa day wasn't the number one choice, but not surprised at all about a family gathering being the least popular. You know what? Those people are the lucky ones.

For many moms, Sundays are a catch-up day to prepare for the workweek. Too bad - you will not be running to the market for groceries. If there ever was a day to get someone else to run errands for you, it's today. Do not waste the opportunity.

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You're also not allowed to feel bad about carbs today. You aren't even allowed to make a comment about the eating of carbs while eating the carbs. Just enjoy them, preferably on a deep couch while watching something really good - even if the rest of the family disagrees. 

Some moms get the Sunday Scaries, whether it's Mother's Day or not. Don't stifle that fear. Tend to it. Refuse to do the dishes, ignore the laundry - these things will be waiting for you tomorrow.

Instead, attempt to do the near-impossible: Be in the present. Take a yoga class with a friend. Light a scented candle, bake peanut butter brownies - do what gives you joy, and only what gives you joy. 


I don't need to know who you are, to know that you deserve it. Enjoy the day. 



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