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When I was a child, I spent much of Mother's Day in the crowded waiting areas of Outback Steakhouse. We'd stare the square discs in our hands, willing them to vibrate and light up.

Like airplanes, we were jammed into places with strangers, except the seating had us facing one another. Without the ability to hide behind our smartphones (which weren't invented yet) there was eye contact, We'd shrug at one another when told the wait would be 90 minutes. What else could we do?

The answer is: a lot. I love a Bloomin' Onion, but not enough to lose 90 minutes of my life. Restaurants are packed on Mother's Day, and if you can't get a reservation, memorable alternatives do exist.

fried chicken

A Proper Picnic

This is a magical time of year when we haven't yet been oppressed by humidity. Enjoy the mild beauty of spring, amidst blooming flowers and songbirds. Make the experience luxurious, with an oversized blanket to stretch out on, and the best fried chicken in town. Grocery store fried chicken is for busy weeknights. I'm talking the good fried chicken with all the sides and sparkling Prosecco.

Let Mom nap off her meal in the sun. Pack some sunblock for her protection and offer a mini massage. I hope my husband reads this. 

woman in white terrycloth robe

Breakfast in Bed

Let the poor woman rest! Whip up a guilt-inducing stack of French toast or press her a spicy vegetable juice - whichever she prefers. Make sure the breakfast is laid out on a well-stocked tray with napkins, silverware and if you can find a flower to pop into the bud vase, even better. 

The point here is to let her rest. She can binge watch a streaming show, read through a stack of New Yorkers - whatever she doesn't normally have time to do. A great touch would be to give her a bell, in case she needs to summon you. It will make her feel pampered. 

neck therapy

Retail therapy

People spend over two hours a day in the kitchen, on average, from meal prep to clean-up. That's about one month's worth every year! Why not take her to Ladles & Linens for a mini shopping spree and let her fill the space with kitchen items that bring her joy?

Whether it's a floral apron or silicon kitchen tools that come in every color of the rainbow, little things make a big difference. I breathe new life into my kitchen just by hanging vibrant towels from the oven - textile magic. The same can be done for function, whether it's a new food processor or a French press - functionality brings an ease to things.

fayeruz regan and family

Hopefully one of these three ideas will save the day. And they needn't be considered a Plan B! With proper planning, delicious food and attention to detail, she will feel seen and loved.

And while I'm here, make sure she isn't doing any work around the home on Mother's Day. Some of us just can't help ourselves. If you catch her washing a dish or trying to sneak in a load of laundry, remind her that this is a day off. Remind her of how grateful you are to have her. Man I really hope my husband is reading this. 




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