Happy Thanksgiving from Ladles and Linens!

For many of us, Thanksgiving will look a little different this year. Smaller groups will be gathering, in an effort to ensure that close friends and family stay healthy through the holidays. 

family at the historric piper tavern


We all have traditions that we have come to love. We usually make a trip to Bucks County, PA where, on Black Friday, we enjoy 75 cent martinis at the historic Piper Tavern (George Washington at there!) and go vintage shopping at a place where you can fill a bag for $5. The above photo is of my family, already a couple of martinis in. Unfortuntely, we have canceled the trip this year and are hunkering down at home.

Perhaps we can consider a smaller holiday feast a blessing. No sitting on packed freeways. Less pressure to cook mass amounts of food. A chance to experiment with new side dishes. More time to deck the halls.

ladles and linens holiday

I stopped by Ladles and Linens last night to do a bit of holiday shopping, and the place is positively stocked with all things merry and bright. From mercury glass-style ornaments to kitchen gadgets and handsome Le Creuset cookware to help you prepare a feast, it's a one stop shop. 

2020 has been a roller coaster ride, and pressing pause on a holiday tradition doesn't make it easier. But a delicious meal with those closest to us is still a beautiful thing.

So treat yourself to something festive, something that will make holiday prep an even bigger pleasure. Remember to take note and share what you are thankful for. In a global pandemic, finding points of light to help us feel gratitude is even more important. And who knows? With all this freedom to experiment, we may even start some brand new traditions. 

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