Ladlette shares delicious trip to Cape Cod

Ladles and Linens isn't just a  store, it's a lifestyle. We're not employees, but Ladlemen and Ladlettes. If it sounds twee, let me reassure you: we walk the walk. We sample products and appliances, and know our way around a kitchen. Good food and entertaining is a way of life, and we love helping customers feel the same way. 

clam chowder with chorizo

Case in point: When Ladlette Amanda Madden took a summer trip to Cape Cod, the intimate photos were not without the delectable meals she whipped up. Sure, there were seals on the beach (pictured top), but the chorizo clam chowder! It was so good, she made it twice.

Amanda makes the annual trip to Provincetown with her in-laws, as this home has been in her husband's family for generations. These images will give us wanderlust, and a serious case of the munchies!

lobster eggs benedict

When in New England, why have Eggs Benedict, when you can enjoy Lobster Benedict? Here, she stacked toasted sourdough with spinach, heirloom tomatoes, and an avocado spread to replace hollandaise, giving the dish a boost of fresh produce.

white bean dip

And nearby "Beantown" (AKA Boston) got the name for a reason. But rather than a dish of Boston baked beans, Amanda whipped up a cool bowl of white bean dip - a summery take on this local staple. caprese skewers

Nothing says summer like fresh tomatoes and basil. Amanda stacked them onto skewers with mozzarella for caprese on the go. 

gin basil smash cocktailBasil also makes for a refreshing herbal libation, and while enjoying the sun, Amanda shook up gin basil smash cocktails for her family. They trekked to High Head Beach to see all the seals coming in at low tide. A short hike through otherworldly dunes opens up to a beautiful view. 

seals at high head beachThe family normally gets up early to catch the sunrise, which is at around 5:20 AM since Cape Cod juts out much further east than Central Virginia. Amanda is normally in charge of breakfast, whipping up veggie omelets and sweet potato hash dusted with cayenne. For long days at the beach, she packs nectarines and apple slices. 

shark week

The sun and salty air did her good, and she returned refreshed, and well-fed! Hope everyone is enjoying summer!

hot pink flowers



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