This Year, Mama Needs a Gesture

Even before I became a mother, I often scoffed at the gifts people think women want. Valentine's Day and Mother's Day turns street corners into makeshift gift shops For Those Who Forgot. And it's always the same thing: red roses and teddy bears. Folks, please stop buying grown women stuffed animals. We've been allowed to vote for 80 years, yet are still fighting infantilization. 

Mothers are practical, but also need to feel pampered. They need convenience, but deserve to luxuriate. Balance the equation, and you are golden.

Last year I encouraged readers to ditch crowded brunch spots and serve her brunch in bed. This year, she won't even have the option to dine out. On top of this, many moms out there are overworked, with home-schooling and remote jobs. Others are stressed because they need to be out in the workforce, and fear contaminating their families. It's been a tough couple of months. She deserves a gesture. Here are some practical yet funny/luxurious/thoughtful gifts. 

There are no stuffed animals. Only great ideas to pull together a basket!

Towels are practical, but can also be:

Mugs are necessary caffeine delivery systems. But they can also be:

If she loves flowers, get her some that will last for years, with:

Can't decide from all these fabulous options? You can never go wrong with a gift card!

Happy Mother's Day!

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