Dressing up your Salad

Spring is in full bloom, and we're just beginning to taste the bounty. A close friend came by with a bundle of microgreens from a local farm, and it was one of the freshest-tasting salads I've enjoyed. 

Many people think that salads are guilt-free, but a lot of it depends on the dressing. It's assumed that a vinaigrette is the healthiest choice, but most store-bought options are packed with hidden sugar; even high-fructose corn syrup. The good news is, homemade salad dressings are exponentially tangier, zestier, and are made with better quality ingredients.

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It's easier than you think. You need a mix of:

  • fat (olive oil, sesame oil, etc.)
  • acid (lemon, white wine vinegar, etc.)
  • salt
  • If you want to kick it up a notch, you can add a hint of sweet (maple syrup, raspberry jam) and seasoning (onion powder, garlic powder, basil, etc).
  • You can even use a tiny amount of mayonnaise to emulsify the dressing, and stop the oil and vinegar from separating. The eggs in mayonnaise work as a binding agent.

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Below are a couple of basic recipes. These should be a springboard for you, and will hopefully encourage you to experiment. For instance, my husband started with a basic Caesar salad recipe, then had a field day with extra garlic, and other ingredients he favors. Have fun with it!

Dijon Vinaigrette

Southwest Ranch


Balsamic Vinaigrette

Greek dressing


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