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I've been debating on whether or not to mention school in the fall, and all the uncertainty it entails. On one hand, I want this blog to reflect the summertime fun we all crave. On the other hand I want it to be relevant, and these are extraordinary times.

Like many parents at the moment, I want to squeeze the most out of summer, but autumn is nagging in the back of my mind. I felt it was best to address it, because I have some great ideas. 

For any parents reading this, school may be fully or partially virtual come fall. We have a lot of important decisions to make, as far as how it's going to work. And no matter what, these kids will need to eat. On the bright side, school lunches cannot compare to the fresh meals we prepare. But it takes time, and I will soon be researching and sharing easy meals and creative leftover ideas. For example, my family knows that if we have a roast chicken for dinner, they can expect chicken tacos the next day, or even a cheesy buffalo dip with tortilla chips. One meal, three ways.

And sometimes, you'll need to bust out something wild. Case in point? Green eggs and ham. My son asked if it were possible, and I gave it a shot. Meals like this are memorable, and tie into literature, thanks to Dr. Suess. On a day when the kids seem grouchy or restless, pull this one out of your pocket.

I placed a few drops of green food coloring in the oil that was released from my bacon, and I swirled and swished until it coated everything. The egg yolk is trickier. Drop one or two drops of food coloring onto the yolk, then take your finger and (very gingerly) swirl the drops onto the mound. It creates a marble effect. 

No matter what, your kids will be delighted. You may be annoyed that food coloring got onto the tips of your fingers, but wait until you see the color that deposits onto the mouths and teeth of your diners. 

Now, get back to your sangria and beach picnics. I've got your back. 


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