You Say Tomato

Summer is that glorious time of year where I can breeze by the tomatoes at the market and keep walking, because I've got better ones popping in my own backyard. There's nothing like plucking a tomato off your own vine and enjoying a tangy burst while the fruit is still warm. 

There has been much ado about Hanover tomatoes. Based on my research, the tomatoes are grown in sandier soil, unlike the clay-heavy soil throughout most of central Virginia. Because sandy soil retains less moisture, it apparently allows the tomato to absorb more water, becoming extra plump and juicy. They're delicious, and I love buying their green tomatoes for frying. But otherwise, the Hanover tomato seems to be the subject of clever marketing, and I prefer my backyard bounty. 

Whether you picked up fresh tomatoes at the market, or have a backyard haul you're looking to have fun with, the options are endless!

The Southern Classic: Tomato sandwich. Simply smother white bread with Duke's mayonnaise and slices of ripe tomato. 

The Breakfast Upgrade: Try making a tomato tart. Sarah from Ladles whipped up a tasty breakfast, pictured above. Clearly the scene stealer is the tart. A similar recipe can be found here.

The Picnic Party: No matter what's packed in your picnic basket, a tomato bacon jam will take center stage. Kept in a jar for easy traveling, this salty, tangy, umami-laden condiment can be spread on crackers or biscuits. recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes: The dish is as classic as the movie, and a delicious Southern tradition! From pimento cheese to homemade ranch dressing, the toppings take everything up a notch. recipe

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