Snack attack! Munchies are going local.

When I shop at Ladles and Linens, I have my go-to food items. I am obsessed with all things truffle, and Ladles carries Truff hot sauce, Truff mayonnaise (spicy and mild) and of course, truffle oil. 

During my last visit, I deviated from truffle condiments, and tried a product called Bombay Chips. Oh. Wow. I was blown away by the delicious punch of curry on these crispy potato chips. It turns out that chef Keya Wingfield is a local Richmonder, and a Food Network star! Makes me proud of our little town, which is decidedly becoming less and less little as the years go on!

bombay chips

Then last week, a friend sampled a different kind of chip at RVA Big Market, the farmer's market at Bryan Park. She was so moved by what she tasted, that she bought me a bag. She knows I'm Palestinian, since I once gave her a bag of zaatar spice. She never forgot that kindness, and returned the favor with a fresh bag of Zaatar's Pita Chips. Cooked fresh daily by local chef Phillip Harik, I cannot stress enough how special these chips are. While most pita chips are thick and often difficult to crunch, these pita chips are light as air. And they are dusted with a zaatar so fresh, so tangy, you can finish the entire bag in one sitting. You honestly don't have a choice. 

 Zaatar's Pita Chips

Richmond has been known as a "foodie town" for a while, with out-of-towners taking weekend trips just to enjoy multiple reservations at hot spots. I've met people visiting from Northern Virginia, Charlotte, and Virginia Beach - and they come to eat! Now local chefs are jumping into consumer goods, and I am here for it!

Bombay Chips and Zaatar's Pita Chips are bursting with flavor and ethnic flair, feeding and acculturating us at the same time, but there are others out there making waves too.

Ladles and Linens display

A University of Richmond student created a bean-based trail mix company called Absurd Snacks, and new companies are popping up all the time. Going to local shops that support these creative up-and-comers will expose you to a world of local treats. Obviously Ladles and Linens champions small businesses and local artisans, as does Stella's Grocery, Libbie Market, and Ellwood Thompson's.

Speaking of snacks, I would be remiss not to mention a favorite of mine that I posted to Ladles in the not-so-distant past. Think toasted French bread, creamy parmesan, tangy green chiles and zesty artichoke. Perhaps I can find a way to package these babies; everyone else seems to be doing it! 

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